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 AMO Forni srl 2024


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AMO FORNI is a young company, formed only in 2015. In just a few years, however, we have grown our brand and right now crow a presence in multi countries around the world. The AMO FORNI brand is now known and respected everywhere.

   AMO FORNI is a company of specialists, determined to attract customer’s attention, with perfect ovens for bakery sector, high-class products.

All AMO FORNI’s products are eligible to have a step over, by design choices inspired by the values on which AMO FORNI built its success, thanks to the high performance and experience of the owner and all working staff .

the quality is realized through inspiration, innovation, constant travel around the world, it was enough to gain new experiences and offer the right high – quality product.

For many countries, our brand results a formidable combination of beauty and quality, proud to supply our equipment as a unique way to succeed for more bakery activity in world wide. Our principles thoroughfare to success is the truthfulness and honesty.

We offer bakery sector professionals products based on innovative technology, carefully selected high-performance materials, original accessories and solutions and a clear focus on customisation and even personalisation. Our ovens and bakery equipment constantly evolving and improving.

We offer our ovens models to the bakery sector, all version GAS – DIESEL – KEROSENE – ELECTRIC

-          AMO 460_TeN

-          AMO 460 Baby

-          AMO 460

-          AMO 570

-          AMO 680

-          AMO 880

-          AMO 8100

-          AMO 8120 

Verification: cb26720c07d6de9e